Table Rock

Table Rock V

While driving through the great state of  Wyoming I came across what was possibly the most interesting example of rural decay I have ever seen.  An entire abandoned neighborhood of houses that were possibly once meant for the employees of a nearby gas plant. I could not wait to explore this find!

I only had about 20 minutes to explore and due to my extremely limited amount of free time I didn’t explore inside the houses. Though it would have been super easy since all the front and back doors were left open along with the garage doors and broken windows.

Table Rock II

While walking the single road I couldn’t help but feel that there were eyes watching my every step. It was all very big brotherish. From a few houses I could hear the busy chirping and fluttering of what sounded like a colony of birds and other houses were simply just silent and almost projecting a feeling of disapproval as I passed by.. I kinda enjoyed the eeriness of the empty street. It was like walking through a dream long after it had ended.

I will return! these are not the last images you will see of Table Rock


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2 responses to “Table Rock

  • Rodney

    This was a very interesting read, I actually grew up in Table Rock Village when my dad worked at the plant. It was a very strange and interesting place to grow up. It is crazy to see the picture of how desolate the place is now. Thanks for the pics

    • palechickstudios

      Hi Rodney!

      Your welcome and thanks for stopping by. I can easily imagine what a strange and interesting place it would have been to grow up in. Even walking around and seeing the traffic pass by on I-80, I felt like I was in another world.

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