Left for the Cows


Driving South along Hwy 70 through the Texan Panhandle  and I came across this farm house with what appeared to be a decaying motel building next door. Currently the property was being used for cattle and they had made a real mess of everything.  Cow chips was all over the place inside and outside. I must have spent nearly as much time trying to avoid stepping in anything messy as I was trying to capture interesting perspectives of what was left of this old house.

The interior of the main house was fragile. The walls were bare of plaster and wall papers; and wooden beams were exposed. Looking up one would see that the roof was practically swiss cheese and the floor had better days. The house was simply a shell slowly closing in on itself. The presence of cattle and several other animals had helped accelerate the damage.


Next to the main house was an interesting looking ‘L’ shaped building with may doors and windows. I had thought at first that maybe it was a small motel. This idea would made sense because the building was located about a 1/2 mile away from Interstate 40. Not too much else exists before or after the exit, thus making it a good place for late night travelers to stop and rest. But, upon further inspection, I think the building could also have been apartments for those working on the farm. Some of the rooms were small and separate while other rooms were a bit larger and connected  to other room through a series of doorways. Also there was one bathroom and one kitchen on the end for the entire building. The limited utilities and small living spaces paints the image of a few farm hands living together in a fashion that imitates college dorm life.

Most of the rooms were empty with the exception of cow chips and random bits of debris. Some rooms did contain more interesting stuff like an old TV screen, a pile of rotting beds and several unknown wooden objects..


Outside were several random items of interest, specifically the rusted remains of an old Buick. Other items included bits of farm equipment and old cans.




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