Oregon Farmhouse


This old beauty was located somewhere along Interstate 80 in Eastern Oregon. The house looks like it was once a beautiful and well loved farm house  nestled comfortably into the side of a low hill. Its a large building with a strong presence, but not excessively large or flashy in design. The interior had a simple layout with a large wrap around inclosed porch area. Across the street exists a brand new truck stop that I am guessing was once the farm itself.

When I first saw the house the sun had already gone down, it was far too late for to take clear and decent photos. A few days later I had return just as the sun was close to disappearing past the horizon. Fortunately for me there was still enough natural light to carefully explore the building and take a few decent photos. Not as many as I had hoped for, but a few indeed.

There was evidence of local kids and homeless squatters making some use of the place. Graffiti adorned the walls and the floor was hidden under a thick layer of rubbish. Many shoes and old papers left about along with remnants of a mattress. It was easy to walk inside. Doors and windows were left wide open. I didn’t venture upstairs as the stairs was mostly rotted away. I did manage a peek into the upper level by walking up the hill, but by that time the sun was past the horizon and I wasn’t able to get the photograph.


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2 responses to “Oregon Farmhouse

  • Marvin Bush

    Enjoyed talking with you a couple weeks ago. Did you get to all the places I told you about? Seen another place Thur. coming back from pasture. Been busy, meetings, lunch for my birthday and then to garden show in Wichita. More meeting coming up this week. Enjoyed looking at your web site. Where are you and your dad working at now? Coming back up thru KS any time soon. Windmills towers going up in the Phase 3 area here now will be GE. Marv

    • palechickstudios

      Hi Marvin!!

      I am planning a trip to Kansas in the future to catch all the houses in your area. It was too foggy to get any good pictures when I was there. I did drive around and Think I found a couple of them, but that fog was terrible..

      I’m glad your enjoying the website and Happy birthday! Dad and I are not working this week, but will be heading to IL in a couple of weeks and maybe Alberta afterwards..

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