And they put up a parking lot…

I won’t disclose the location of this house because I have not yet been granted the permission needed to photograph it from a distance any closer than the road. I say yet because, despite the “no” I received, I am still working on other angles to gain legit access.

These photos were taken before I found the owner’s contact information posted on a tree.

I thought for sure that when I called the owner of the property that he or she would have been cool with me coming onto the property just to photograph it for my rural decay series. The lesson learned: NEVER assume.

Granted this house is not exactly located in a rural community, but it is still a perfect specimen of a decaying farmhouse that has been empty for the last ten years. I personally would have guessed fifteen years when I saw the interior decor and furniture, but ten years is what I was told by the owner.

The property owner, who also manages a major local realtor company, briefly explained that the current plans for the farmhouse are for it to be torn down, along with another smaller and younger house, within the next year for the development of yet another strip mall in the area.

His reasons on why I was not to be granted access onto the property were pretty lame, at least in my opinion. He stated that engineers will be surveying the property and that kids might be inside setting fires or illegal hunters might trespass etc. I understand the issue and concern over liability, but I made it very clear that I would sign a waiver and take full responsibility for my own self. I strongly believe that I am responsible for my ownself when I make a decision to enter an older building with weak floors and such. I know the risks and still I am willing to do what I do because I believe in what I do.


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