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Oregon Farmhouse


This old beauty was located somewhere along Interstate 80 in Eastern Oregon. The house looks like it was once a beautiful and well loved farm house  nestled comfortably into the side of a low hill. Its a large building with a strong presence, but not excessively large or flashy in design. The interior had a simple layout with a large wrap around inclosed porch area. Across the street exists a brand new truck stop that I am guessing was once the farm itself.

When I first saw the house the sun had already gone down, it was far too late for to take clear and decent photos. A few days later I had return just as the sun was close to disappearing past the horizon. Fortunately for me there was still enough natural light to carefully explore the building and take a few decent photos. Not as many as I had hoped for, but a few indeed.

There was evidence of local kids and homeless squatters making some use of the place. Graffiti adorned the walls and the floor was hidden under a thick layer of rubbish. Many shoes and old papers left about along with remnants of a mattress. It was easy to walk inside. Doors and windows were left wide open. I didn’t venture upstairs as the stairs was mostly rotted away. I did manage a peek into the upper level by walking up the hill, but by that time the sun was past the horizon and I wasn’t able to get the photograph.